Discharge Planning

Making plans for when you leave the hospital is a very important part of your joint replacement recovery. You can expect to be discharged from the hospital one to three days after surgery, depending on your recovery. Your health care team will work with
you and your family to help develop your discharge plan. By using this plan, you and your family can make most discharge arrangements before your surgery. You will be working with to a Joint Replacement Navigator pre-operatively to start discussing your discharge plan. Postoperatively a case manager will assist will assist with discharge needs. Discharge option may include:


Patients must be able to get in and out of their homes and have transportation arrangements to attend Outpatient therapy. A patient will attend Outpatient therapy several times per week where they will work one on one with a therapist who will help you regain and build your strength and mobility and speed up your recovery.

Home with Home Health Care Services

Our goal is for patients to return home at hospital discharge. With the guidance of your Joint Nurse Navigator your caregiver (family and friends) will help provide the majority of your care. Home health providers are available to make home visits but are not responsible for caring for your day-to-day needs. The home health providers can be physical or occupational therapists, home health aides or nurses. Your Joint Nurse Navigator can help schedule a time for them to come into your home to help you with special care such as walking, strengthening exercises, safety and monitoring your medical condition.

Short-term Rehabilitation Facility

Some patients need more help and services than what can be reasonably provided at home. In a short-term rehab facility, you can continue your rehabilitation program and have your medical needs monitored until you can safely return home. Therapy sessions focus on building strength endurance and self-care skills. Your Joint Nurse Navigator will continue to work with you, your family and a team of health care professionals so you can return home as soon as possible. You will need to see if your insurance has benefits for short term rehab or skilled nursing facility.

For more information, please call (205) 939-7444.